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Mentors Inc - Lynn Wales

Lynn Wales

Property Coach and Mentor

I have known Lynn since 2010 and she is one of the most sincere people I have ever met. Since completing her property course with Simon Zutshi, Lynn has gone on to achieve so much in property. Being a teacher, moving into the coaching and mentoring arena was a natural move for her when she gave up teaching. Lynn has the knowledge and skillset to hold people to account when it is needed and her mentoring skills are second to none as they say.

Lynn has had a diverse career and hence brings an array of perspectives to bear. She started her career in law, which taught her the importance of following procedures, working to deadlines, being organised, using the right tools, systems and planning ahead are just some of the things Lynn brings with her. After ten years in the profession, following on from a break to bring up her family, Lynn embarked on a new career in teaching, after gaining a First Class with honours degree in Business Management and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

Now Lynn is able to bring all the skills she has learnt from her previous careers, as well as the knowledge gained from her business degree to help grow her companies into thriving and successful businesses, with assistance from her husband, Bernie Wales.

A personal passion of Lynn’s was always to build a property portfolio and so she embarked on that journey, together with her husband, in 2010. She continues to invest in HMOs and freehold to leasehold projects, as well as coaching and mentoring new and experienced property investors, which she has been doing for the last five years.

Lynn’s coaching skills enable her to Coach new and experienced property investors so that they can be challenged, change their mindsets and help them to think differently about how to be even more successful and make more money.

Lynn loves making a difference; seeing others go on to achieve the success they deserve and be the best that they can be brings her much pleasure. Mentoring and training property investors is a passion and she is proud to be sharing her experiences of property and helping others to achieve their goals.

Finding your reason why, goal setting, looking at your values, property strategies, creating and organising systems to be more effective and efficient, due diligence, property sourcing, taking action, accountability, time management and business management are just a few of the things that Lynn can help you with.

Mentors Inc - Mark Dearing

Mark Dearing

Property Coach and Mentor

I have known Mark since I joined Simon Zutshi’s mastermind back in 2010.  Mark was allocated both my coach and my husband’s coach and it was thanks to his dedication that we made it into Simon Zutshi’s top five performers.  Mark did this by listening, asking the questions and holding us to account.

Mark has been in property since 2002 and is very well versed with immense knowledge of this industry. He has a successful and profitable portfolio and has been mentoring people for over 7 years now.

He is well known for his strategies, time management, systemisation, due diligence and forward business planning. Mark brings a wealth of knowledge to Mentors Inc!

Mark is passionate about other people’s success and is often heard on the property circuit presenting 35 ways to source your property! His due diligence is second to none and he is well known for his organising skills.

Mark left school at 16 and went straight in to the motor trade where he learnt his people skills. After travelling the world for a couple of years he settled down working for a variety of white goods manufacturers and eventually set up his own company selling to garden centres and businesses like B&Q, Wickes and Homebase. After suffering a major health scare Mark finally settled on property in 2002 and has never looked back. He built his portfolio up slowly and steadily focusing on one thing at a time. Along the way he set his goals and targets to enable him to achieve his outcomes.

Mark has brought many skills to his mentoring and coaching over the years and is passionate about helping people succeed in their property journey. He has now coached over 60 people and mentored over 200 people in his time.

He actively invests with other people and applies current and up to date strategies all the time. He is constantly in tune with the evolving market and understands how to make property work for people. He likes to keep it simple and produces some great templates often bespoke to the mentee's position within the property market at that time.

Business planning, goal setting, marketing, due diligence, time management and systemisation are just some of things mark offers when he is mentoring.


Lindsay Dearing

Talent Dynamics - Flow Consultant

Lindsay Dearing is a professional Primary school teacher of 27 years. She graduated from Oxford Polytechnic with a B-ed honours degree. Throughout her teaching career Lindsay's interest in the way children learn has become a focal point for her. Building learning power is at the heart of the Primary school curriculum. This has led to an interest in the Talent Dynamics profiling system where adults can see how to work to their strengths and maximise their potential. This is achieved by taking the Talent Dynamics multiple choice test (aprox 15 minutes). Once you have taken this test you will be emailed your result. This will be followed by a 30/40 minute debrief (by phone or Skype) explaining your Talent Dynamic profile report. Lindsay has recently trained and gained an accreditation to be a Talent Dynamic flow consultant.