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38 Ways to Find Properties Course
How many ways can you think of to find property?
Most property investors limit themselves to just one or two ways.

You can get the advantage over every other property investor who is looking in the same places every time for their next deal.

This online presentation will guide you through a total of 38 different ways of finding properties and includes links to all the web pages that we use.

The course consists of a short overview of the effectiveness of each method and tips to help you get started straight away.
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Mark has really helped me focus on what I need to do on a week to week basis in my Mastermind year and helped me to achieve what I have, which is leaving my job, hitting the Mastermind target of £50,000 and I'd really like to say thank you ...
– Nijhinder Mahal 
Mark Dearing
Property Coach & Mentor
I have been in property since 2002 when I bought my first investment property. In 2007 after successfully building up my portfolio and after doing up a couple of houses and selling on, I joined Simon Zutshi’s Mastermind program 1.

Since then I have continued to keep at the forefront of property with networking events, as well as attending many property courses and meetings around the country. I continue to buy below market value (BMV) properties where I can and add value for my clients.

I have successfully mentored over 200 people since 2010 with great results and I am now launching a mentoring company offering a one day seminar, along with a range of brand new online courses for beginners who want to get on to the property market and be successful.
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