Terms and Conditions

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Disclaimer and Waiver of Claims

a) Investing in property is a speculative method of investment and so you could lose money. The material taught by Lynn Wales and Mark Dearing is educational in nature.  The intent of the coaching/course/workshop/seminar is to educate participants about property, property investment and related areas.

b) The information provided in workbooks and audio visual content of the coaching/course/workshop/seminar is for educational purposes only. No recommendations of particular investments of any kind are made.  If particular properties are mentioned, they are only cited for educational and illustrative purposes.

c) By participating in any coaching/course/workshop/seminar you have released Lynn Wales and Mark Dearing, and all those working with them, for any and all liability resulting from your actions based on the coaching/course/workshop/seminar material.  All coaching/course/workshop/seminar content examples and information are not to be construed as any recommendation, solicitation, prediction or advice for your actions in and dealing with property investments, as this training is strictly educational.  You cannot hold Lynn Wales or Mark Dearing, or any people working with them, responsible for any subsequent personal activity within the area of property investment.

Confidentiality Agreement

a) All content, workbooks, materials and systems taught in any coaching/course/workshop/seminar, whether written or verbal, are copyright material of Lynn Wales and/or Mark Dearing.

b) You are not permitted to copy, make available or divulge to any unauthorised party, in any way, any of the materials, notes, strategies or teachings of any coaching/course/workshop/seminar, whether for financial gain or not. Having participated in any coaching/course/workshop/seminar if you should allow any of these materials to be made available to any unauthorised party then you will be liable to consequential legal action.

c) No photocopying, audio, video, photographic recordings of Lynn Wales and Mark Dearing’s coaching/courses/workshops/seminars or previews, or any of the copyrighted materials provided, are allowed without the consent, prior-approved knowledge and arrangement of Lynn Wales and Mark Dearing.

Unconditional Guarantee

By participation in any Lynn Wales and Mark Dearing coaching/course/workshop/seminar, you are agreeing to abide by all of the Terms and Conditions listed above.